Who do you think, if anyone, should control online content and how?

It’s a curious thing about freedom, and policing and moderation, it seems the balance is very difficult to get right. Too strict a patriachical hand and cries of “censorship” are heard. Too lax a hand and cries of “perverts” are heard.  This is of course a huge topic, especially for naturists, touching as it does on … Read moreWho do you think, if anyone, should control online content and how?

Site overhaul/upgrade.

The Naktiv site will be undergoing a major overhaul/upgrade at the start of December 2017.

Alongside a complex data backup and migration phase, we hope to be bringing several new and useful features to our social media networking site, (where being Naked

Brian Taylor

The contents of this blog have been moved from the original site-policy <a href="http://www.naktiv.net/blog/824/on-and-off-site-related-behaviour/">blog</a>, because people were confusing the actual issue with the hot-topic example.

Fake profiles

This is clearly an issue of concern. However, just because a photo turns up on
a porn site does not by itself mean it is a fake photo. After all, the photo is
(almost always) a photo of *somebody*. The question remains valid whether the
profile &

Moderators Team Intro

I'm keen to get motivated people who are active on the site involved with keeping a semi-eagle eye on the content, and people in different time zones and with different interests too. I believe we share a common perspective and that you might make a

Sins against god.

The puritan religious right still consider homosexuals a "sin against god", (ie; they don't like it). The mindless liberal left consider homosexuals a boon to mankind, (ie; it's politically correct to approve and woe betide anyone who