Me and my penis (yawn)

Repeatedly, we have to cull images and members (no pun intended) here.

We’ve had a spate of dodgy posts recently against which we’ve been forced to take action, this is a recurring problem. Usually the worst offenders are the ones posting “me and my penis” images, firstly as if nobody else has ever seen one before, and secondly as if we all want to see theirs. The kinds of image referred to here commonly take the form of “me and my penis in my bedroom” and “me and my penis on my bed” and “me and my penis in the bathroom/shower/toilet” and “me and my penis between my spread wide open legs with the camera at my feet” and “me and my penis…” well, you probably get the idea.

When these images are removed, very often we receive complaints of the form “why did you remove my harmless nude photo – are you a fascist?”, well, when you’ve posted 20 or 30 selfies of “me and my penis and…” it gets a bit boring, so we will respond by removing the majority fairly fast, and the others where deemed necessary. As you’d expect, when one image is reported we naturally tend to check the rest from that user too. And no, we won’t be explaining each and every removal in tiresome detail.

The excitement of posting an inane penis selfie online is tempered directly by the boredom with which it is received by other site users. It’s not a problem of nudity, it’s a problem of the obsession with “me and my penis…”, and it’s really not that complicated. These forms of images, and associated accounts, which consistently abuse the facilities of this website, will be removed, if not immediately then shortly after they’re reported. We’re not Faceache, sometimes it takes us a little time, but rest assured all reports are taken seriously. Use a little common sense, rather than letting your penis do the thinking, and we’ll all get along a lot better.

We have a short and handy page of RULES, please read it.


Your friendly neighbourhood admin and moderators team.

9 thoughts on “Me and my penis (yawn)”

  1. On occasion, a warning will suffice to encourage a user account to read the rules again. Sometimes this is insufficient, or the posting of erections just doesn’t stop, and we have to actually ban the member concerned. In these cases the responses we get vary between “oh well” and the following recently received message:

    On May 1, 2018 5:40 AM, "..."  wrote:
    Fucking piece of shit mother fuckers I hope you people can go fuck
    yourselfs and go to hell God is going to pay you mother fuckers back for
    what you guy's did it is going to happen Assholes.
    Subject: Re: Your account has been suspended.
    And eat a fucking nigga dick you fucking bitch.
    > On May 1, 2018 3:35 AM, "Naktiv"  wrote:
    > > Dear Member,
    > > Your account has been suspended for the following reason. You will
    > > therefore be unable to login until your access has been reinstated.
    > > Erection profile cover.
    > > This ban will be lifted: No date specified
    > > If you believe this message has been sent in error, or if you have any
    > >; questions concerning this notification please email us...

    Posted here for informational purposes so that the membership who remain can see what we have to put up with on a typical day.

  2. I find this reaction a bit much to be honest. Not everybody feels that relaxed with being nude in public/outside and for many it is a first start posting a very private image online, knowing that this means the pictures are likely to be copied/screenshotted/forever online. It is still not save to post a naked image without knowing that it won’t be used by someone else.
    I really do not care who posts what kinds of images of their naked body on here. If I don’t want to see the images of a specific person I simply don’t click on them, what’s the big deal? Who am I to judge what images are appropriate of a naked body on a website that is simply ABOUT the naked body? May it be indoors or outdoors, a naked body is something beautiful and if people feel like they want to share their images that’s a great thing in order to get being naked more into our society.

    This website should embrace people coming out of their shells, even if it is in mini steps. It is about making people feel comfortable being nude. People don’t immediately go outside naked. It is a process that takes time and courage at first.

    Reporting harmless images and having to remove them makes no sense whatsoever on this website. It just shows that being naked alone doesn’t make people more tolerant or accepting of other people’s ideas of stepping out of their comfort zone. I can understand that pornographic images are not appropriate here. But who cares about a dick pic? Don’t click on it if you don’t wanna see it. That’s what groups are for, to find the people you can connect with in a much larger community.

    Let’s cherish being naked, not report one another for showing harmless nudes at home.

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