Administratative resources on the Naktiv social media network

There are, from time time, fairly understandable mutterings from people that some task "x" has not been done quickly enough, or an expression of frustration that they are not personally serviced in some request "y" or other. This is unfortunate, but to some extent unavoidable, and the purpose of this little blog is to clarify this statement. This site is not Faceache, and we do not have the resources here to settle every piece of administrative overhead to the satisfaction of every individual. Sometimes people appear affronted that their opinions are not shared by everybody, or they may be simply dissatisfied with the "service" which is freely provided here.

We have a time generous team of moderators here who scan the site to keep the more dubious content at bay, and keep an eye on user behaviour and commenting, such that the site encourages a lively but safe and largely friendly interaction. Some people think we should do less, and not interfere at all with any postings, and that we should have a "free-for-all" on the site, which would quickly degenerate into a very large mess. Some people think we should do more, and of course better, and also more quickly, if not sooner. Sometimes this is just not possible, and often not even warranted as it can be good to get feedback from the user base before intervening. Some things can be done quickly, others are already done without anybody noticing, and still others are on the todo-list. Sometimes we don't do things perfectly, but we do try to do what's right, and promptly. There's a lot of background work which, by definition, goes entirely unseen but still needs to be done.

This is all well and good, but at the end of the day it should perhaps be kept in mind that the Naktiv social media network site is essentially a volunteer project run by volunteers on behalf the membership. If someone would like to fund the administration/development to the level of Faceache, (at least several million dollars please), then we are sure our service could be vastly improved. People who are dissatisfied in some way may sometimes have a different agenda in mind and, to "keep your eye on the prize", may be advised to re-read the <a href="">mission statement</a>

In the meantime please be assured that we, who are responsible for the moderation and the administration here, do our best to accommodate our users, within the limits of our available free time, within the resources at our disposal. We hope this is implicitly understood and that a little patience goes a long way to making the site both user-friendly and user-useful.

Lastly always remember that, if you like the site, to please tell your friends.


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    • Not sure what is involved with that process, AJ. Also not sure if the remit <a href="/mission-statement">here</a> is a little wider than AANR expect, but there might be no harm in asking. Perhaps you might mail me any relevant information directly, <a href=""></a> so your suggestion can be followed up.

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