Problem of door knockers!

I don't know who has a problem with unwanted people coming to the door, but one of the advantages of being naked at such times is that they don't stay too long! (usually!). I know by now who I can answer the door naked to, also who would react quite badly if I did so. It's when unexpected callers come or when people come at a very awkward time. I saw two very well dressed men (suits & white shirts, black ties) loitering at our gate, a sure sign that religion peddlars were about to blight me. I waited by the door in my full regalia that mother nature gave me, (NUDE) watching through my spy-hole door lense. I saw the men open the gate and then debate which one of them was coming in first. As I estimated when they would get to the door I waited for just the right moment to pull it open. I took a breath and in one swift move I yanked open the door and rasped "Go Away You God-Botherers!". Much to my surprise my elderly female neighbour stood there.. in quite a state of perplexed shock!
Moments later she scurried away and the two suited gents stood roaring with laughter!
I guess that was one win to them & one defeat to me and my tactics!

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