Inane "me naked in bedroom/lounge/shed" photos.

To promote a positive impression of a naked lifestyle, and to comply with the <a href="/mission-statement">mission statement</a>, (which everyone has read, right?), it's important to maintain the posting of good quality, and interesting, material on <a href="/nook">the Naktiv site</a>. We have a lot of this already, which is a good thing.

Many photos which are uploaded to websites, including this one, are deemed to be either grossly inappropriate, (featuring erections or sex or whatever), but many more are just harmlessly lacking any "redeeming" feature. Neither should be uploaded. The latter is the most insidious image to manage. Many nudists and naturists, and people who want to be, seem to think it is really interesting to see a photo of a naked man in a private room, usually with their legs invitingly spread wide open. Worse, many people, (almost always male), having posted one photo, want nothing more than to put their camera on a tripod in time-lapse mode, and take sequential shots of themselves walking to the window of their bedroom and back to their door, and again. Or in the bathroom, or in the bike shed. Yawn.

Let me tell you, one image is quite sufficient.

We get hundreds of these, do we really need more? Is it not possible to at least attempt to upload an interesting image. Maybe a different image? Instead of the same photo, taken one second apart, of the same naked person in the same pose, in the same room, from the same position, over and over, and over again. Please excuse this minor rant, and note that this is NOT directed only at you, (replace-your-user-name-here), but at everyone who seem to think time-lapse naked in bedroom/lounge/bathroom shots are interesting. They're not, and they really are very boring.

If you take care to actually read the <a href="/rules/">rules</a> you will see that this is actually covered under <a href="/rules/#1">rule #1</a> Take notice: if we get too many of these on the Naktiv site, we'll simply be deleting them. This is censorship alright, censorship for taste, and to stop this site going the way of many others. This site will NOT become a dumping ground for inane photo collections. Feel free to discuss, but take notice that you have been warned!

Thank you.

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  1. Like John said not everyone has a artistic perspective but depends on your motive for taking a photo. Be it artistic or capturing a moment in time which is just that click click click. The beauty of digital is the ones not liked can be deleted no waiting to see the negative of years gone by. Our photo albums attempt to capture both artistic and snap shots. Over a years time there will be 1000 pics just this year we have 935 and three months to go. Pick up the camera and start pointing and click click click.

    • Less than confident is fine. I think we all want to encourage as much involvement as possible, the idea behind the Naktiv site is to PROMOTE a naked lifestyle. To do this we need lots of visual stimulation, and interesting discussion, and varied participation, and different people.

      By all means, practise, practice, and practice again. Take as much breathing space as you like. All that is being said here, is that when it comes to posting, what we don't need are thousands of identically dreary photos of someone standing next to their shower cubicle. One is quite sufficient.

      This is not rocket-science.

      • I do, I do – practice, Richard. And I have no intention of posting "thousands" of the same pose, you will be thankful to hear, no doubt. But whether my photos will ever reach the standards you are setting is doubtful – you know what they say – you cannot teach an old dog new trick!

        • Just btw. I (probably) feel the same way about the exceedingly high quality of Al Fess' photos and Anthony Tewfkk's paintings, (and others), but that's no reason for me to stop posting mine. Just a reason to (try to) aim a little higher, and to *select* images.

          I certainly don't post ALL of my images online, I'd bore the socks off of even the old dogs, I'm sure!

          • Not everyone has artistic vision! but it can be developed!…you all have a public libary! Go and study, photography, the great Artists! learn about,light shade and tone! and the naked human form! practice with your camera,when it becomes pleasing to yourself! it will be pleasing to others!
            …I see a lot of pics here! and you can tell and see the nervous smile the tense body!..just relax and remember we are all in the same boat!…just be yourself….and the others will see the real you!…hope I made sense! x

          • Yes, John, everyone can develop their own latent abilities. But this post is NOT about "please only post great works". This post IS about "please don't post tons of dross".

            We have some really good material on the Naktiv site, and if there's a bit of debris here and there, really, no-one is bothered by this. It's ok to post whatever your efforts produce. The only question is whether we want to see ALL of it, or only a SELECTION.

            There is no intention to discourage people from posting here. There is every intention to encourage people to think about what they are posting here.

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