One more walk….

One more walk….of course I will keep saying "one more" as our season moves on into that "other" freehiking season. For when there is snow laying about, I will just go out in denial and continue to forget where I put my clothes.

After posting moments ago on the wall, I decided to re-post part of the thread of my friend John's discussion from another forum about our great hike and swim yesterday. This ordinary and relaxed naturist activity took place in suburban eastern Massachusetts, (USA) within the very ordinary social climate to be found in such places, all be it with a bit of reasonable discretion thrown in for good measure. He makes an important point that we all occasionally lose sight of as we sit perhaps naked, in front of our keyboards or tablets, while opportunity is all around us at every turn. Opportunity to get out and enjoy some of the best of what the good Lord has put before us, and in a most suitable manner. John P. also took the three great photos during our afternoon spent together viewable elsewhere on this forum. John P. is on this forum too, but is moderator on the one in which this originally appeared. Like me, he is too swamped with other responsibilities to partake of this particular addiction as often as we would like. I'm certain he won't mind my borrowing his thoughts.


Today my friend Dan and I went on a walk I've figured out from the map, which I call "I have traveled much in Lincoln"* (attrib Henry David Thoreau, who tramped these very same fields, quite possible au-natural). He asked if there was a chance of a swim, and I said maybe at Farrar Pond, but we might decide that it was too weedy or too much overlooked by nearby houses or just simply too cold, or something that sensible people would say made it impossible. But as I reminded Dan that he said over the summer, "Basically, any skinny-dip can be done". It helped that it was a nice warm day–even as we get into the second half of October!…….I hope that we won't let our discussion groups be entirely filled with political announcements about how to get involved with saving this or that naturist venue from closure. It's a big world, and we can make our own naturist locations just by going there and being naturists!

–John P.

—end re-post—

I am also indebted to you John for yet another great little adventure. As your excellent photos capture, we were within New England foliage color at it finest in magnificent surroundings. Our skinny dip was just the icing on our cake. John, as is often the case between the two of us, is the facilitator, I just follow through. Thanks John.

I must encourage you all to get out there soon and enjoy. As my good friend advises, make your own naturist location. Not more than another week or two before we enter that "other" freehiking season for many of us in the northern hemisphere.

Go to photos under my name, if you wish to see all three photos of yesterday's hike in sequence. They tend to be scattered after being left on the general wall for any length of time.


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