I woke up this morning and it was snowing AGAIN!!!!…….come on, its the first day of spring. I returned home from Sunsport in Florida just in time for some more

An Annual Reunion

Well we in the northern hemisphere have just past the Winter Solstice, an annual achievement that is of increasing importance to those of us who live progressively further northwards towards

Crazy Naked Thoughts

What do the subjects fishing, topic drift, the wealth of expressive possibility to be found within the English language, human greed, our insatiable appetite for consumption of resources, and the

A Halloween Gift

—A Halloween Gift— Well, after several delays this evening, I finally slipped out the door around 10pm to a rising breeze out of the northeast. As I jogged down the

Naked urban paddling

Sometimes, life circumstance prevents one from finding opportunity in the usual places away from the crowd. Sometimes naturists must get creative with their nudity. Sometimes we must just make do.

Nude in “Maine: The way life should be”

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