Reshaping opportunity

I am sharing the following not because it has much to do with naturist living, but much to do with creating opportunity for active naturism where there might appear to be none.

My wife and I, happily married for five and a half decades, are veteran river cruisers having enjoyed several commercially organized such cruises on various rivers in Europe over the past ten years. In this form of travel, we have found an activity that both of us greatly enjoy sharing together. My wife is more comfortable in textile social settings whereas I also enjoy naturist adventure travel so we are very adept at finding great solutions to bridging our differences.

These commercial cruises, Viking in our case, are of course officially textile only endeavors however that fact has never stopped me in the past from relaxing and enjoying the passing views, sun and breeze from our cabin's individual balcony while under way, attired as God intended. This coming cruise on the Danube, Main, and Rhine will spend a lot of time in Germany so I have not ruled out the thought of also setting out on foot while ashore, into some nude-friendly spots for a bit of freehiking and/or skinny dipping if my very limited spare time allotted by our itinerary permits. My wife will by then be looking forward to putting her feet up and enjoying some well earned quiet down time back on the boat on such occasions. So in the interest of expanding upon the concept of these wonderful journeys, and fostering some creative thinking by others of us who might find themselves in a similar position, I am seeking thoughts and suggestions for favorite venues for a short nude hike that may be found close at hand to some of our ports of call. Selecting places where I might have a few spare hours to strike off on my own, our itinerary includes Budapest, Passau, Nuremberg, Wurzburg, and Cologne.

We as naturists find ourselves in the enviable position of being able to shed our clothes and freely enjoy some life affirming experiences that our textile brethren might be missing. At the same time, we are free to take advantage of some wonderful opportunities that for reasons right or wrong, better or worse, might only be accessible to us if we choose to put on some clothing. The magic in all of this is in creating ways in which to blur the lines of separation with the hope and faith that some day those lines will fade.


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  1. Other ideas. If you live in a condo, request permission to use the pool after hours at approved dates and agree to terms of use. We had a condo with privacy fence away from the condo complex. Mangt could let residents decide by voting.
    In a backyard you could use Hedges instead of fence for privacy.

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