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Surprise, surprise! I didn't think there would be any 'real' surprises in my daily life now at almost 65 years old. Maybe I have just become too settled into a routine life & regular habits on a daily basis, it would seem that almost everything has happened either to me or to people I love (or have loved!). Most days I need to sit for a few minutes after my eyes first open to even decide what today actually is! I pop around 21 tablets into my body every day & just about manage to bumble around without banging into anything, falling over anything and succeeding in remembering at least 3 consecutive things that pass through my cloudy brain!
Having to cope with my own ailments & those of my darling wife is a ritual that needs at least one of us to be 'on top of' without question at some stage of the day. Our chemist delivers our drugs & medications so regularly that the delivery driver doesn't even notice now if we have clothes on or not! Our lovely niece pops in at least once per week, (often more) to spend 4 or 5 hours with us, she relishes some naturist living space too since she became a single mother again, her son loves being here too when opportunity comes around.
The surprise that we had today was in fact 2 surprises about the same person, we still can't figure which one actually surprised us most though?
Our local vicar has been resident at our parish for over 25 years (that's around 23 years more than us! [in this parish}), it was told to us that he often leads naturist rambles across Yorkshire & is often first to get naked! secondly we were told, (all in the same conversation) that he is actually homosexual and lives part of each week with his long term partner in another part of town!
Should we be surprised at either fact? Should we have assumed that either fact might be possible or impossible?
Should we have even had any reason to contemplate either fact at all? We will for certain always be more 'on guard' in future when a leading figure in local community politics comes to our home and utters the words "Surprise Surprise"

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  1. Well, some churches officially allow gay clergy and some don't. If yours is one that allows gay clergy then you need not be surprised. Or, if the religion does not allow gay clergy, then you are right to be surprised.

    As for a nudist vicar, I suppose that I would be less surprised if a gay person is a nudist. People who decide to acknowledge being gay have pretty much rejected many cultural standards so nudist is apparently much more common among gays. I would not be surprised if a gay person is also a nudist, no matter what job he holds.

    • Do you have a study to back up the claim that gays and nudity are a common association? I'd be very interested in reading it. We've often thought the same; homosexuals and people of fluid attractions tend to have consciously reexamined cultural norms and have rewritten many of them as they come out.

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