Trip Report: The annual ANANEC Vermont Gathering 2013

Hi everyone. Another spell of meeting obligations at my office, while preparing for a long anticipated naked getaway, hence another spell of absence from this great forum. I’ve recently returned from an eight day week of naked bliss shared with eleven other kindred souls in a house perched up on a secluded hillside overlooking Wells Vermont (USA). It is amazing how amiable and caring twelve people can be while living elbow to elbow, especially while working in a modest sized open galley kitchen arrangement, when there was not a stitch of clothing to get in the way for the better part of our 170 hours together. Not as tight as the proverbial four couples sharing a charter yacht in the Bahamas on a reunion cruise, but pretty cozy for a land based operation with none of the problems implied by the reference to seafaring adventures gone bad and all of the advantages to be found in bringing a group of folks who share common interests while contributing unique diversions and viewpoints into a tight circle. A testament to the uplifting qualities to be found within each and every one of the participants, four women and eight men. Even forgiveness to yours truly offered by one our most esteemed female members for an un-ceremonial dunking caused by my klutzy canoemanship in a cove on Lake Champlain. A confirmation of the underlying concepts behind social nudity and the nudist lifestyle. And boy did we have fun! And by golly did we eat well!

First of all, a huge thanks to our husband and wife head chefs for masterminding and maintaining our mind boggling kitchen operation. Kudos to the members of the steering committee for hatching and nourishing this three year experiment on the way to becoming an annual ANANEC tradition. Next year we hope to offer room for many more participants under a mildly tweaked logistical scheme that promises to ease our growing pains.

Our days together were not lacking for activities, all of which required getting the body moving out in the sun, mountain air, and bracing waters. None of which (with two exceptions) required any clothing for comfort or utility. Often times we split into two independent groups by day to ease the logistics and to accommodate varying tastes and abilities. The weather was near ideal for vigorous activity, for catching some awesome views, and for seeing Vermont in the many moods that she is. Just driving the scenic roads to and from, naked of course, was awe inspiring. High points included paddling some 12 miles of the best stretch of the Battenkill River putting in at Arlington (Vermont, USA)and taking out several miles inside of New York state, and hiking the seven mile Green Mountain Loop over the ridge west of Little Rock Pond in the Green Mountain National Forest, and down to the Long Trail adjacent to the pond for the return, including a generous break for skinny dipping the pond and swimming out to explore an island. Other adventures of note: paddling a bit of Lake Champlain, exploring also by paddle, a sleepy and secluded section of the Poultney River south of the lake, prowling the waters of Chittenden Reservoir, scrambling the rocks and swimming the bracing waters of Clarendon Gorge and Clarendon Quarry, summiting Mount Abraham on the Long Trail, and hiking into the Lye Brook Wilderness to visit the stunning waterfalls to be found therein, while viewing some impressive alterations to the landscape caused by Hurricane Irene two years ago. The “ten” in some participants book was our hike up to Baker Peak through the edge of the Big Branch Wilderness on our final day. The two activities which required clothing were most essential complements to the mix: Tennis doubles two mornings on the local Wells public courts, and attending an evening performance of the Poultney Community Concert Band featuring Ross, one of our own on clarinet.

Cocktails on the veranda, croquet on the lawn, billiards in the lower common room, and cards on the upper level filled out our days as the sun settled to the west each evening. A high point of our evening program was a slide presentation by two of our members featuring views and tales from their recent nude Grand Canyon rafting trip this past spring.

A word of advice about what to pack for these events. OK, I don't barefoot much when nude outdoors, especially while on the Long Trail and when wading rocking shores. So I have to pack textile and shoes for my feet. As a result, a small bag of smelly specimens and little else, (not counting numerous butt towels) constituted my entire laundry load for the week upon my return to my home in Massachusetts (USA)Saturday night. Its difficult to go wrong with your choice of attire for this event. Any choice you could make would be optional. Life at its simplest and most natural. What more could a contented naturist ask for?


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