Mum & Son & Sun

My niece & her 10 year old son were staying with us, that's fine they are naturists too. They have a very active, loud, busy lifestyle, we are quiet, not good! We get along fine because they unwind, calm down & spend time just relaxing, mostly! One lovely moment though happened when they didn't know we were back home early from an appointment. Unusually the place seemed very quiet as my wife and I came into the lounge, it was still odd as we looked in both bedrooms and found no-one, then I looked in our patio, there fast asleep and naked was our niece, sat on the floor next to her but with his head resting on her stomach, her son lay equally naked & fast asleep too. A really peaceful serene image. We took advantage of the quiet to sit and have a coffee in calm surroundings. A short time later as we went to investigate both were just beginning to rouse from their mid-afternoon siesta, the stillness was beginning to end!

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