Naked in the garden

Good day everybody, I hope we are all smiling today. I am fortunate that much of my garden is surrounded by tree and shrubs. On two sides i could be overlooked from the neighbours upstairs bedroom. I have found a spot in the garden where I can sunbathe naked and not be seen at all, unless the neighbour stands on tiptoe and looks down and around over my fence. in the evening I enjoy watering the garden naked and just take the chance that the neighbour are in bed.

Isn't it a shame that we have to go on like this. Acting as if nudity is dirty and must be kept in secret behind closed doors. Heaven forbid if someone saw a naked body that was similar to their own naked body. Who knows what may happen to them.

Just thought I would have a little rant.

Frustratingly yours


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  1. I would just add that in our experience it is always better to talk to neighbours rather than just 'hoping' everything is ok. In one place we became the hot topic for local gossips because we had tried to avoid discussions. Since that time we have always spoken at some stage with anyone who might inadvertently see us. 99% have been fine.

    • I agree and would suggest that it is vital to start with good relations with neighbours and then to speak to them on friendly terms. It would not work simply to make contact with the sole intention of telling them about a possible nude encounter.

  2. Tony – My garden is very similar and I used to worry but I don't think my neighbour is a problem. I've sort of hinted that it's too hot and I'm luck my garden is so well screened – she suns herself topless anyway. The other side is no problem as the house is empty but it is social housing and there will be new tenants there soon so I'll have to be careful until I get to know them.

  3. Have you had a chat with your neighbors mentioning to them that you ate a naturist and explaining that naturalism had nothing to do with sexual or lewd activity. All our neighbourhood know we are naturists and all accept our lifestyle and don't object if they see us naked in the garden. I dare say they would have had strong objections if they had suddenly come across us naked if they had not been fore warned. People are generally quite tolerant and reasonable if they are not caught by surprise.

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