A new naturist-law in Abruzzi

Abruzzi (central-eastern Italy) have a new law on naturism, innovative and open-minded: «Naturism… is a healthy, natural and educational mode of life» (Art. 3.1)
See more (text in italian); http://www.sansalvoinpiazza.it/2013/07/30/approvat…

About educational values of naturism, read also the few lines of the "Relazione introduttiva": «Through naturism young people can grow up with a greater respect for their own bodies and those of others, they can develop a better awareness of their own sexuality, they can reach a fair and non-violent social behavior in relation to the body, the physical self and others. Naturism is a movement that aims to promote direct contact with nature, devoid of artifice and social conventions.»
«Attraverso il naturismo i giovani possono crescere con un maggior rispetto del proprio corpo e di quello degli altri, possono sviluppare una migliore consapevolezza della propria sessualità, possono addivenire ad un comportamento sociale corretto e non violento nei confronti del corpo, della fisicità propria ed altrui. Il naturismo è un movimento che si propone di promuovere un contatto diretto con la natura, privo di artificiosità e di convenzioni sociali.»


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  1. Thanks Robert,

    In fact the law itself comes from different issues /proposals/suggestions/recommendations/perspectives/expectations from naturist associations, bloggers, naturist sites, experiencies (local as well as international), opinions, points of view, planned &/or possible nacked activities, expecially aoutdoor.
    I think it's a very good law, of grat breadth -:)

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