Moderation issues with site content

This site, like all good sites, has an active team of moderators.

It is possible a moderator may have identified one or more of your images as inappropriate and the team has been busy looking in to whether the images really are unsuitable or have been removed erroneously. During this process, some moderators have made comments on some of the images, and it is likely some of you have seen these as "no" and "yes", recently.

There have been accusations of being black-balled being bandied about. Nobody is being black-balled. The site moderators are simply going through a backlog of images which have been placed to the side, and trying to determine if these should remain in the "filtered" section, or not. Please remain calm.

Currently our moderation process is going through a state of flux, which means some of the process is not as smooth as we would like it to be. We would appreciate your bearing with us as bugs in the system are ironed out. This is not Facebook, we do not have several million pounds/dollars to throw into development. the Naktiv site is a work in progress.

Finally, if you are unhappy about your photos on this site, nobody is obliged to upload any images here, please feel free to remove them if you wish. I can, however, assure you that the moderators will continue to do their job, on behalf the users of this site, to ensure a safe and yet largely censor-free zone. This is a difficult balancing act at times, but on the whole, I think the moderating team does a reasonable job of it.

This is largely a thankless task, and while we don't expect payment, we would most certainly appreciate your patience.

Many thanks.

6 thoughts on “Moderation issues with site content”

  1. First let me say thanks to the moderators for doing a thankless job. Without moderation this site would not be nearly as classy as it is.

    I know there are different schools of thought on exposed genitals; erections and exposed inner labia seem to be issues. Fact is we are here to celebrate the human body. Inadvertent erections and exposed labia are part of the scheme of things, provided they aren't intended to be the main focus of the image and aren't shown with sexually provocative intent.

    Some men can get erections simply feeling a fresh breeze on their penises. On the other hand, labia are a diverse and natural part of a woman's body. Not all women have innocuous pubic mounds divided by a nondescript crease. Their vulva gape naturally, and if they happen to be sitting with their legs parted, it doesn't mean they are trying to be provocative.

    To put it simply, if we are to celebrate and accept human diversity in all of its glory, lets do so without reading something into an image that is most likely not there.

  2. I do understand the limited resources and I do appreciate the burden of moderation that you bear – I moderate 2 sites with similar resource issues myself. However, this process seems to have been under way since at least last Saturday – couldn't an explanation have been posted here sooner to reassure members?

    One aspect of this problem is that you've barred access to peoples' own pictures whilst this is under way which I still find sinister despite the explanations I've recieved. I know my pictures are pefectly OK. They've been here almost as long as the site has been live after all. I find it very disturbing that there is a picture of me on here which I own but to which I have been barred access, regardless of the reason.

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