Lost at The Nook

Okay, trying to figure this site out. I realize that it is a lot like facebook only a little harder to add friends. Not sure about the green check mark or how to get one although I did read something about it somewhere but can't fine it now. Want to be clever but not stupid, the only attention I have been able to draw in my life has not been that much of an ego booster.
Never have blogged before but this seems like a good place to start, that is if I am in the right place. I think I am liking this, after all, I haven't been interrupted yet.

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  1. I don't know, growing up watching television in the 60's I get nervous just clicking away, who knows what could happen, just remember Get Smart and Mission Impossible. Am I giving away my age?

    • This is a "social network feature", to extend the reach of your content to other people who you are connected to, in other networks, which you are a member of. This is fairly standard practice these days. You'll find a 'share' facility, of some kind, on nearly every site you visit, even the all-powerful Facebook.

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