Login issues

If this is your first attempt at logging in, please note the requirement to exercise the “activation” link, which was sent by email. If you cannot find the activation email immediately, be sure to check the contents of your spam account.

If you have any further issues logging in, please do the following:

    1. Empty your browser cache/s
    2. Empty your browser cookies for this site
    3. Hard restart your web browser
    4. Go to the login page, then follow and use the lost password link
    5. Locate the new email (check your spam folder) and follow the link (once) back to this site
    6. The fresh link should return you directly to the edit profile page where you should create a new password (do not leave this blank)
    7. You can now logout followed by a login using your new password

If you get a “Failed security check, expired Activation Link due to duplication or date.” message, the workaround is to ensure you are using the SAME BROWSER for each end of the request eg; password reset AND login with password change, as described above.

If you still have issues, please describe your problem clearly using the contact form available via the Help menu.

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