This Naktiv manifesto is intended as a guide for Naktiv people everywhere, and encompasses the following main points:

  1. Observing the principle to support and encourage naked activities everywhere, how can we do this?
    • Being naked is okay in all contexts and to encourage nakedness in everyday life.
    • This does not mean that everyone has to be naked if they do not wish to be, or even that naktiv people must always be naked.
    • This does mean however that those who want to be naked, at any given time and in any given context, can be.
  2. To educate society that the naked human body is acceptable in all contexts, what can we do?
    • Use social media, amongst other vehicles, to educate society concerning non-sexual nakedness.
    • Show the negative side of society’s automatic linking of sex, violence and pornography, with nudity.
    • Demonstrate how how healthy the simple naked human body is by non-shamefully sharing our adventures with the general public.
  3. To decriminalize the naked human body.
    1. To formalize the freedom of choice to wear, or not, clothes.
    2. The freedom to wear clothes, or to wear particular clothes, or to wear no clothes, is an individual and inalienable right of each and every person on the planet Earth, and there should be no law of any land which may be misused by the loud and righteous minority to dictate how anyone else chooses to dress. To this end the society will work with the legal system to formalize this situation.
    3. To offer advice, and to recommend actions, against negative resistance to being naked. Where people are being pressured to dress, or to dress in a particular manner to conform to some arbitrary and so-called standard, the society will offer advice and recommend ways to resist this pressure where possible. Civil disobedience and Ghandi’s successful non-violent resistance approach springs to mind as a positive starting point.
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