We’re hugely more open-minded here than the majority of online social networks, but the site still has it’s own set of rules. We accept content which might be at home in an Artistic form as well the more traditional Nudism/Naturism context. Mutual respect is the name of the game.

Here’s a minimal list of content which is regarded as unacceptable content here:

  1. Inane me and my penis photos – do grow up, these are so boring!
  2. Exhibitionistic posturing including: bum-in-the-air, overtly spread legs, etc.
  3. Inane and repetitive sequences of me-naked-in-my-bathroom/shower/bedroom whatever, yawn.
  4. Penis/vagina larger than face/head photos, inc. blurred, cropped, hidden or pixellated faces.
  5. Overtly sexual material, including genital close-ups, erections, masturbation, etc.
  6. Dating, swinging, dogging content, stalking, etc.
  7. Excessive innuendo eg; “big boy”, “gorgeous”, “nice body”, “so hot” and “hot chick” comments, etc.
  8. Fake and photoshopped profile avatars and photos with copied heads etc.
  9. Off-topic advertising of shoes or other such drivel.
  10. Physical and/or mental, literary or graphic, bullying, harassment or abuse, (includes flaming).
  11. Subverting the Mission Statement via personal, or other, agenda.
  12. Illegal material.
Posting unacceptable material and/or comments will result firstly in a warning, depending on the context. Please keep in mind that education of new site members is as, or more, important than punishment for infractions of the rules. Naturally there are cases where abuse of the facilities will simply not be tolerated and repeated or extreme infractions of our rules will be dealt with by an immediate and permanent ban.

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