Besides the daily workload of applying regular updates to the core codebase, maintaining all plugins, implementing fixes and/or add-ons to handle special cases, (not to mention dealing with recalcitrant members who are incapable of reading the rules page), which work is ongoing all the time, there are specific tasks or bugs which remain to be either completed or fixed, including the following:

Pending (work-in-progress):

  • Profile -> replace_cover (upload) errors out with no visible reason.
  • Using the “My Friends” etc. links at top of the activity feed, and then clicking away, does not release the selected filter.
  • Members- or Friends-Only- Media selection varies depending on user account – this is the photos bug where “only” 144 pages of media displayed for some users to choose from.
  • Use Nginx with member handler for all static content.
  • Move image/s from one gallery to another (certain gallery separation was lost at migration time).
  • Like notifications displaying with no (blank) titles – we *know* this is very frustrating, developer is on it…
  • Question/answer likes not reflected in activity feed and vice-versa.


  • Implement polls-similar or question/answer (like slashdot) functionality (done).
  • Migrate to using an SSD to increase IO performance (done).
  • Huge filespace expansion for media storage so not to run out of space (done).
  • Increase RAM to reduce (or eliminate) swap usage (done).
  • Integrated report blog posts functionality support (fixed).
  • Friends numbers count wrong (fixed).
  • Popup of “Like” blocks non-like-relevant content in some contexts (fixed).
  • Thumbnail/s selection missing from blog comment activity (fixed).
  • Commenting on a blog needs to load a new entry into the activity stream (fixed).
  • Report users, groups and activity comments as well as images (fixed).
  • Ability to delete errant (abusive) comments from own posts – see thread here (fixed).
  • Share links not showing for blogs – related to specific plugin upgrade (fixed).
  • Uploaded image did not display the associated text (with which it was uploaded) in the activity feed (fixed).
  • Liking a standalone image not reflected in the activity feed post for that media (fixed).
  • Liking a media upload activity did not reflect on the standalone image itself (fixed).
  • Implement HTTP2 and get google pagespeed good – eg; above 80% (done).
  • Blogs very slow to load single view, unable to edit and invalid attached comment thread (fixed).
  • Major memory leak causing, amongst other things, slow pages (plugin fixed).
  • Not possible to like a standalone image (fixed).
  • Excessive junk on the front and main pages, move content to menu-driven locations (fixed).
  • Events (new, view, update, etc) non-functional (fixed).
  • Intermittent Bad Gateway error message (fixed).
  • Share button/links not functioning as expected and picking up invalid link/image/s (sso etc.) (fixed).
  • Erroneous use of login page permits access to backend (fixed).
  • Login issues for many users and missing support documentation (fixed).
  • Migrate from Apache to Nginx (done).
  • Clean out redundant moderator and related group/menus (done).
  • Force use of HTTPS (done).
  • Translation menu erroneously showing to all users (fixed).
  • Like buttons not working for some users (fixed).
  • Migrate away from unsupported and unsupportable code, implementing new codebase (done).

On hold (on the TUIT list but low priority):

  • Multiple language support for menus and application contexts (delayed).

If resolving some of these issues take longer than you expect, we know it’s frustrating but, until voluntary donations cover the entire costs of running the this free site, please bear in mind that the admin/dev team here also have day jobs. We appreciate your patience, understanding and ongoing support.