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    Bepa Ball - "Some interesting thoughts and a good read I found on the net: Why are we hiding? How do we ‘normalise naturism’ when so many of us are coy about our own nudity? Let’s approach this problem from its origin. Natur […]"View
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    Tony Reukers - "We followed the sun and down under since 2 weeks, now house sitting in Capalaba Qld. We have a private pool, but didn’t tried it yet for a skinny dip."View
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    ute meissner - "sehr schön , DANKE"View
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    Andrew Forest - "Welcome as new member @district7nudie !"View
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    Rene - "Hello all. Just joined and created my profile. Hope to meet nice people here (preferably Dutch or Belgium) with whom I can make new memories. Zijn er hier ook Nederlanders en Belgen?"View
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    Hubertus - "Sehr schöne und natürliche Fotos. Tolle Frau"View
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    Alex von der Tour - "Leticia M. and 14 others from the Irish Naturist Group will meet Munich Naturists in the Erdinger Therme at 20. Februar ’18 from 13 Uhr Gruß Alex von der Tour have good fun and for interested infos."View
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