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    Nick & Jane Amer - "The only way to greet the sun on a sacred day"View
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    Philip - "Hi can I Regester my interest in NEWT for 2020 ?"View
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    JimmieM - "@henk Welcome to the site and thanks for the friendship request. I hope you will enjoy it here."View
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    Eran Moray - "@campinaduo Hello, leuk jullie op deze site te mogen begroeten… 😉 C&F"View
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    Felipe - "Hello Im looking for nudist friends, please add me or skype me"View
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    Jos - "Does anyone know of naturist possibilities in or near Vilnius in Lithuania? It will be my holiday this summer. Unfortunately I’m unable to go to the Curonian Spit (where there are FKK beaches).. If not, I just […]"View
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    Marc - "Ladies and gents, I love receiving friendship requests, as I believe in the values of friendship and in expanding my horizon. However, when meeting somebody physically, it’s fairly simple to assess that person, […]"View
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    Albert Trimbos - "It’s updating time! i have been away too long. Resettled in Lelystad where there are some nice nude walking possibilities nearby. I spend most of my time naked indoors. It is a bit chilly right now for outdoor […]"View
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    Mark Evans - "I don’t normally share things from the internet, but this (short) video has quite a nice and compelling message at the end."View
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    Radio Loborl - "Hi guys, I would like to give you a topic of discussion: What do you think about the fact that in nudist camps there is an OBLIGATION of nudity? Do not think that it is a deterrent for those who would like to try, […]"View
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    strelok - "-4 here now and getting colder, think it’s safe to say that my outdoor adventures are done for the year 🙁"View
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