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    Radio Loborl - "Hi guys, I would like to give you a topic of discussion: What do you think about the fact that in nudist camps there is an OBLIGATION of nudity? Do not think that it is a deterrent for those who would like to try, […]"View
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    Patrick Thompson verified badge - "There are probably hundreds of differing reasons for people to be naked & to like being in the company of other naked people. The one that creates a large amount of response here relates to religion, so much of […]"View
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    David, a committed nudist in N AL - "Anypne know if this is for real. I havent been able to disprove this and many infact back it up. Colin Unsworth September 14 at 1:56 AM Just seen this on another group. I know that WNBR isn’t necessarily about […]"View
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    Stevenatural - "@brendarella greetings from Kiwi Naturist Steve from New Zealand"View
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    Melvin & Sandy verified badge - "Looks like our yard snow banks don’t think it is as warm as your spot. Thanks for sharing."View
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    Albert Trimbos verified badge - "It’s updating time! i have been away too long. Resettled in Lelystad where there are some nice nude walking possibilities nearby. I spend most of my time naked indoors. It is a bit chilly right now for outdoor […]"View
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    Nick & Jane Amer verified badge - "The only way to greet the sun on a sacred day"View
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    Steve From - "BORED AT WORK need some one to chat with"View
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    Andrew Forest verified badge - "Welcome as new member @district7nudie !"View
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    fkk - "@atir55 A nice laid back couple enjoying the naked life"View
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    Mike and Dana - "@brendarella welcome Brenda. Its a very friendly and helpful site. You will like it"View
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    Geeezeer - "Now planning a trip to the Grand Canyon for Spring or Summer or Fall of 2020. Would like to get in some naturist hiking in the area. Will probably fly to LV, rent a car there, and then go exploring. Textile […]"View
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    Eric Fogelberg - "Looks really nice. 😀🌞"View
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