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    Senvestulo - "I’ve wanted to see a map of naturist places for a while. I’ve consulted several naturist websites, and put out a “Google MyMap” with this info. This is early, in software terms it’s an alpha release. Please le […]"View
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    Eran Moray - "Nice view."View
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    seianudist - "Hello, any nudist from SE Iowa?"View
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    Tom Westcott - "Hi dear community, it’s very quiet here in the past days. It might be related to the bad weather we have here in Northern Europe at the time 🙂 Hopefully it get’s better soon again so I can restart hiking, biking […]"View
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    Dennis - "Hello Shwetha, and welcome!"View
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    Martin Louis - "@anon1205 Great avatar. Just saying 🙂"View
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    Liam Cyfrin - "That’s how we all should be brought up."View
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    Peter B - "Any one else subscribe to Naturist Life Magazine, from Shabden Leisure. I find it a great read, very different from H&E. This is the link Might be worth a look!"View
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    Marc - "Here’s my latest blog post. Leave comments and contributions! Have a great nude day!"View
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    Kevin - "I came across this yesterday and thought I’d spread the news."View
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    T. L. Lim - "It’s been 60 hours since I received my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine and I have not developed any side effects except for a slightly sore arm but it only lasted for two days."View
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    Natfree - "@mediterraneoatodavelagmail-com hi, i m happy to meet a new friend"View
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    Naturism camping Slovakia - "Hi there, We are looking for naturists that own a holiday home or a permanent home to live in on a naturist camping, resort or other wise. It must be somewhere in Europe. We want to live on a naturistim campsite […]"View
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    Bepa Ball - "Some interesting thoughts and a good read I found on the net: **My kids see me naked all the time. It is so much more than nudity.** Rachel Garlinghouse Apr 8, 2022, and her family At first, our open-door policy […]"View
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    David - "Hi there hope you are both in good health and the weather is warm enough for naturists, I’m stuck indoors for a while until my stitches have healed and hoping that it will still be warm outdoors and clothes won’t be needed. 😊"View
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