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    Charles Hanson - "Looking for other nudists in New Hampshire…USA NOT GB…lol"View
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    LaDonnaAllison - "Back after too much social distancing was socially distracting. But wrote a lot and keep mindfully busy"View
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    Robert Emmet - "This is a lovely gallery of photos — your photographer is talented indeed (especially if it’s yourself with a remote or a timer)!"View
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    Rob Nytro - "I gotta say, here you are wearing more clothes than I’ve ever seen you in, in your pictures, I don’t like it! lol"View
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    Jeff Staples - "Finally got myself logged back in so I’m newish as well. Good morning/good day all!"View
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    Sam I. Yem - "Are inbox messages going to be migrated to the new layout or are they gone for good?"View
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    YBob - "A little updating in this time of covid, and weather turning colder."View
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    Jim Stevens - "Great Pic"View
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    Jimmy Jarrell - "I hope people had a great Easter weekend. Had the house to myself so I got to spend my clothes free. Just wish it was a lil warmer to not need space heaters lol!"View
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    Kilgore Trout - "Occasionally I am unable to login though I am using my correct credentials. I have to go thru the restore password procedure. Anyone else having this issue?"View
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    Sandy Kennedy - "Re Spencer Tunick. It’s amazingly wonderful how he gets thousands of people to be photographed naked when probably 90% of them wouldn’t dare undress on a nude beach. (He got 5,000 presumed-Catholics to undress in […]"View
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    kubajack - "Nice photo!"View
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