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    Bob - "@brendarella thanks for accepting"View
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    allen james - "@janeh severe cold — warm inside for nude comfort — al be nude"View
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    Marc verified badge - "Ladies and gents, I love receiving friendship requests, as I believe in the values of friendship and in expanding my horizon. However, when meeting somebody physically, it’s fairly simple to assess that person, […]"View
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    Ken - "It was 30 degrees here 2 days ago. It is 83 degrees here today. Hooray. Let’s get naked outside today.Can you tell I am happy about the change in the weather ?"View
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    Jason - "Hi all. I just joined after reading a blog on Naked Wanderings. I often look for nudist communities or social gatherings when I travel (which is quite often). I go to Boston quite a bit and will be there in the […]"View
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