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    sjoerd ericson - "klopt, rob. Gebaande en ongebaande paden. Ookwel onofficiele naaktplekken, wel lekker om dan naakt te zijn, vrij! Hou jij daar ook van?"View
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    Patrick Thompson - "On English television in recent weeks there have been more references to naturists/naturism than at any other time in recent history. One tv personality said that ‘interest in naturism had increased by 100% in […]"View
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    Sandy Kennedy - "Re Spencer Tunick. It’s amazingly wonderful how he gets thousands of people to be photographed naked when probably 90% of them wouldn’t dare undress on a nude beach. (He got 5,000 presumed-Catholics to undress in […]"View
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    Jacques Marie FRANCILLON - "I used this long period of confinement due to the epidemic to completely rebuild my blog on naturist hiking. Hours and days of work in front of my computer to retake more than ten years of texts and photos, […]"View
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