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    Peter - "That was a fun day!"View
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    Al - "@profile-8438 Hi there It’s been a while. How have you been?"View
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    Richard - "Would it be too much to ask for by members who put up photos of lovely landscape or beaches put where it is, if you want too keep it secret just name the country please, as I look at them and just think WoW but […]"View
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    Bob - "@brendarella thanks for accepting"View
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    Oshun Dennis - "Hi There All how are you all"View
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    Montana Sunshine - "Continuing to work on my house. I thought I could build it in three years we are now in year seven."View
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    Sam Pope - "Hello, making my first trip to Naturist foundation next week. Anyone recommend it?"View
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    Roger Ritter verified badge - "It looks better on a sunny day with lots of people. I’m sure you can’t wait for summer to return!"View
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    Peter - "Hope that heels quickly"View
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    Brian Taylor - "@just-naked Thanks for the friend request – the funny thing is; I thought we had already connected as ‘friends’ on Naktiv! Well we have now… 🙂"View
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    Just Naked verified badge - "This is such a stupid question, but I should like to update my profile photo. I have only worked in IT for 20 years… but could someone suggest something????"View
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    Naked Wanderings - "If you’re into naked yoga and wellness, you definitely want to check out the Naturalis retreat in Portugal!"View
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    Daniëlle - "With the heat in The Netherlands reaching all time high, me and my mother will be spending the following weeks in the nude. Hoping we can pursuade my brother to join as well!"View
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    Jim - "Sun shining through the window nice and warm so striped off and enjoying some nude time."View
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