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  • Wrapping Up “Disrobed – the Virtual Event”
    I have been writing about the upcoming Disrobed virtual event for over a week now, and wow, it’s been quite a ride!
    It all started when Tim Chizmar, of Naturist Living Show fame, offered me a sneak peek at the production. This was a review version – not the final cut, missing some small elements (like t…[Read more]

  • Naturism & the Law / England and Wales (i.e Passive Behaviours)
    College of Policing advice & decision aid concerning private & public nudity


  • Happy Nude Year!
    My New Year’s message is packed with virus-free hugs and kisses and I wish you a happy, safe and healthy 2021!
    May 2021 be a whole lot better for all of us than 2020!

  • Happy Nude Year!
    My New Year’s message is packed with virus-free hugs and kisses and I wish you a happy, safe and healthy 2021!
    May 2021 be a whole lot better for all of us than 2020!

  • I wish you a (as far as possible) happy and naked New Year’s Eve Party!

  • Belated Christmas greetings!
    I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your loved ones – physically or via the internet.

  • Wishing you essential, socially-distanced, unprecedented, happy and healthy holidays.
    #StayHome #StaySafe #StayNaked  #StayHealthy

    The 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival comedy breakout hit, “Disrobed: Why So Clothes Minded?” is returning online in a new Zoom version with an all new national cast, and under the direction of Troy Peterson, more outrageous and more naked than ever. Screening for three times only in January, 2021, “Disrobed – The Virtual…[Read more]

  • Free willy: are film and TV finally growing up about male nudity?
    Belgian film Patrick showcases the average male form, setting it apart from movies that often present it as comedy or combat.
    n terms of an attention-grabbing tagline, the Belgian movie Patrick had me at “Naturist campsite handyman loses his hammer”. Don’t expect anything saucy…[Read more]

  • Why Germans love getting naked in public
    “Free-body culture” promotes harmony with nature, and today some Germans sunbathe nude, strip down to play sports and even hike in the buff.
    By Krystin Arneson 9 November 2020
    After four years of living in Berlin, I’ve learned to embrace Germany’s anything-goes sprit and more casual approach to nudity…[Read more]

  • fkk naturism app
    The FKK app is a new app for Android and iOS devices designed to help naturist find beaches, camps, hotels and saunas. We reviewed other similar apps But few boast such as broad and expansive set of geographical locations as the 2.400 naturism beaches, hotels, camps and saunas suggested on the FKK naturism App web site.…[Read more]

    Early in the history of naturism, women took their children to family naturist camps and clubs while spouses worked. Today though there are several women in leadership women have a much smaller presence in a male dominated (by numbers) naturist populous.
    Women in naturism is part campaign and part movement. The campaign started…[Read more]

  • Stay Home,
    ………………….Stay Naked,
    ………………………………………Stay Healthy!

  • Nudist Beach Bottsand/Kiel outer fjord/Germany/Baltic Sea
    The BOTTSAND, a beautiful nudist beach at the Baltic Sea, more precisely at the Kieler Außenförde between Laboe and Schönberg/Holstein, adjacent to the bird sanctuary Bottsand.
    The “Verein der Freunde der Freikörperkultur und Naturschutz auf Bottsand e.V.” (Association of Friends of Nud…[Read more]

  • Nacktwanderung auf dem Naturistenweg-Undeloh am Freitag, 02. Oktober 2020

    Naturistenweg Undeloh

  • Nudist Simplicity:

  • NaturistWomen Body Positive and Wellness Day
    Sat, 12 October 2019, London/UK
    We are excited to be able to host this third clothes optional Women Only body positive and wellness workshop day.
    A great opportunity to experience a naturist event in a safe supportive environment.
    All activities and workshops are both included and optional – it’s your d…[Read more]

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