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    I sent/posted something yesterday
    I need to find somewhere to live… I have money but no specific direction at this time. The divorce may have something to do with this 🙂
    If there is a naturist who would consider letting me a room, I should be most grateful.
    I am straight… sorry… but…[Read more]

  • Over the last 30 years enjoying a clothes-free existence, I have learnt, in most instances, to see and trust a reality in Naturists/Nudists. I suppose because we have the ability to look and feel things differently from others, in the sense of our earth, our lives and our some sense of freedom.

    This post is REALLY selfish of me… as I am going…[Read more]

    • Normally the horse is before the cart and I think that works best in your analogy with life. You say you want to make a difference, not just make money. To make a difference you must be able to do something well – possibly better than anyone else, or at least better than most. So surely that comes first. In what way do you want to make a…[Read more]

      • Thank you for your reply and your comments, and questions… all of which are completely relevant. “To make a difference, you must be able to do something well – possibly better than anyone else, or at least better than most”.
        I think I understand this question, but also feel it is not about me being better, it is about doing something. Better? I…[Read more]

        • Actually, Naktiv has nothing better now to consider….XR, Greta Thunberg, Climate Change… I did not wish to post this, BUT it is no longer unimportant. It is about your grand-children’s existence. Dramatically written but unfortunately true.

        • I guess another way of saying what I was saying is “Play to your strengths” and where you do it is probably secondary, so the horse comes before the cart…

  • To Tanis
    Kind regards
    PS Thanks for the reminder…

  • I still shave but a friend showed my this article / review on Amazon and thought you would like to read it…


    After having been told my danglies looked…[Read more]

  • I think Juliana’s photo and her body are very lovely. But I seem to be missing something about what naktiv is now about…
    I am happy to post photos of myself, but think that naturists and nudists have more to share than just pictures. We, I hope, share a love of nature, freedom and in ourselves a perception of our World which is slightly…[Read more]

    • I agree, both about the photo and the rest. It is quite boring looking at the feed to see it is just composed of endless repeats of photos, some of them interesting the first time they appear, many not so. Discussion of naturist experiences, philosophy and issues is what makes the site interesting but there seems to be little, hence I only visit rarely.

    • I agree that it would be great if more people were to post blogs and interesting stories about their own experiences. This is presumably what you are expecting other people to do for your entertainment? Instead of complaining, why not set an example to other site users and contribute meaningfully yourself?

  • @artistdanielg
    Hi Jim
    Thank you for the friend request. I know we shall have many discussions
    Shame you are in the US
    We have some good skyclad people here in the UK also
    Kind regards
    Just Naked

  • A huge hug for Crimson

  • Courtroom one at Southwark crown court, London, was the battleground for the debate on decency, morality and self-expression as Mr Bethell, 28, became the first person to stand trial in an English court naked.

    As he heard the unanimous not guilty verdict yesterday he punched the air with both fists and shouted: “Being human is not a crime.”

  • I posted an article about Stephen Gough “The Naked Rambler” a few days ago. Well I am old enough to remember Vincent Bethell… here’s another one. Is life changing about our views nudity …
    about being naked?

    • Would be interested to receive comments or feedback…

      • Interesting point of view. I’m for the idea that it shouldn’t be considered a crime. But as for now, it means to break the law in many places.

        • But seemingly not in England – 🙂

          • In Italy if they take you naked outside the authorized areas, you risk taking a fine of up to 10,000 euros … Just because maybe you were sunbathing or walking in the mountains … This is very discouraging to come out into the open.

    • I have hopes that others will take up the fight. Note the comment of the prosecutor that it will remain a crime until the law is changed. We must find ways to fight to change the law.

      • Thanks for that. no-one will see a response, so I have a new group…. Hope
        BTW in the UK it is NOT illegal to be naked but there are three or four nebulous laws, which most police do not understand, about dealing with a naked person in public…. it is purely judged upon circumstance and mood 🙂 So Hope is about how to control these variables

    • The strange thing is that being able to be naked is probably one of the least important purposes of being a member of HOPE

      • but a way to show that it works….
        As much as I admire Stephen and Vincent for their courage and perseverance, they both imposed themselves, rather than suggesting… ” We have a clothes optional event here, but you are welcome if you are OK with seeing others naked”. It seemed to work at Abbey House Gardens when I went… ?

  • Would you believe this is a test?

  • It’s Monday! I overslept! Raced to catch me train! Managed to get it! So cold, signals failed! Sat going nowhere for 45 minutes! Got off the train and walked… home! On top of that it is 0oC outside! How I love this time of year in the UK! I shall, for yet another year, await Summer I suppose!

    • Zero degrees C seems a bit warm for signals to start failing. It’s not like that’s a rare temperature in the UK, after all.

      • Tell Anglia Network that! Nothing moved between Cambridge and London Liverpool Stre=et fro nearly an hour! I want to retire…. any suggestions where?

        • I’m also wanting to retire. We’re looking at Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico – near Guadalajara. Nice mild climate, hardly ever gets below 40F (8C). Not a very nudist-friendly area, but most properties have high walls around them so there’s sufficient privacy.

          • Hi Roger
            thanks for the suggestion. Mexicans are very tolerant people and certainly if they like and know you will not mind if you are naked at home… they will probably joke with you about it – funny, Mexico I had not really thought about, but a good idea… thanks

  • I just found this old photograph which I took some time ago – August 2007 to be exact. One of Abbey House Gardens earlier “Clothes Optional Days”. For me it was a special day and actually submitted an article (published) to British Naturism. This is really just to wish Barbara and Ian, and of course their family, the very best for the future…[Read more]

  • Winter and warm fires… hate it
    Give me nature, a sun and life outdoors…
    Photo is not worthy of HD! See you in May…