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  • Beautiful photos!

  • Finally , after long two months I was able for nude walk yesterday. It was just 5 °C but not so windy and occasional sun made walk more pleasant.. 🙂

  • Andy chciałbym pójść z tobą na wspólną wędrówkę. Gdy będzie cieplej. Kocham słowackie góry.

  • Also evening walk in winter can be great..
    I had busy sunday and there was only free time after three pm so I thought its too late to go on the nude walk, but.. It was great walk!

    • The third photograph (the one with the setting sun) reminds me of a recurring motif in the rock engravings of the Camonica Valley, that of the praying (or adoring) person. And certainly even those ancient worshippers of the sun and nature were naked because they had nothing to hide from the sun, from nature (in front of other people). As if we had…[Read more]

  • Finally, after week I had short walk today. Nice, and refreshing body and mind.. 🙂

  • My walk today.. 5 hours of freedom and surviving of beauty of Autumn nature…

  • Just short report from my last walk yesterday. I have founded it, as great relax after long drive. The cooler days came in the Europe now, but it’s much better for walk – even for nude walk.. Weather was nice with beautiful clouds.. It was unplanned walk, just in field, but then I saw the tower on the top of hill, so my next destination was…[Read more]

  • awesome scenery

  • I was celebrating World naked hike day Last saturday (june 19.) with Anthony. We tried new location on south of Jeseníky.
    Many people on red line have surprised us, but than nobody was out of this line. So we can enjoy nudity on the green and other ways.
    The forrest is beautiful there and without any damage of trees. A walk took 15 km . Im…[Read more]

  • @franck Franck, you and your great photos have inspired me, to post some of my winter adventures last winter..
    Thank you. Andy.

    • Cool (!) looking tour Andy, it’d be good to read some reports of your experiences.

      • The last winter was first winter of my nude experiences, because I’m nudist just since february last year. Cold is very interesting phenomenon and should be very helpful to our physical and mental health. This walk was february 15. Wether forecasting was telling about sunny and freezing days. And great desire inside me to go somehwhere naked . it…[Read more]

        • My favourite type of solitary walk was through a woodland or small glade. It was even better if it was raining! The splash & splatter of rain falling through branches full of leaf’s onto my nakedness was just magical. My wife and I walked like this when we were first married, 26 years ago. She thought I was insane, soon she was too !

  • Visiting a lovely nude beach in Slovakia – Kralovany this week

  • From our last walk week ago… Lovely time together with Daton – @zvona78seznam-cz and in the nature. It was also day of my birthday . It was for first time i have celebrated my birthday this way.. But I think it is amazing way to do it.. 🙂

  • Few photos from my short evening walk in nearby.. It was really refreshing my mind after hard day..

    • Many say we are parasites in this world. Looking at your photos, I have the impression, on the contrary, that we are made precisely for this world. Having this in mind, we know how to change the paradigm as far as it is in our power.

  • Hello all . Im new here and Im glad I can share my nude life and experiences with you..
    I enjoy any form of nudity but specially nude walks and hikes..

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