Naked European Walking Tour 2014 – Saturday

The Saturday was a race to remove all of our things and to basically tidy the house before the main cleaners arrived. It took a couple of hours for people to depart in dribs and drabs, depending on who had to drive where, and who was able to offer lifts to those in the greatest need of getting to train stations. Then, finally, we packed up the last bits and pieces and the little white van, with the four of us and two dogs, left on our return drive to Munich.

It had been a wonderful tour, although with so many people some organisational factors had been an at times educational experience, overall the tour was an intensely pleasurable experience. The photos, and online blogs which various participants might write, will surely bring back many a pleasant memory, as well as to encourage others to do more of the same. Naked hiking, with good company and in gorgeous scenery, at it’s very best. Enjoy!

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