NEWT guidelines

This is the generic info for every NEWT (Naked European Walking Tour), which encapsulate three main guidelines, or rules if you prefer.

1. Context: a NEWT consists of a week of one week of naked hiking in a European mountainous region. The first 15 years were based in Austria. We’ve used static huts, where many facilities are laid on, and mobile tents where each group member is much more self-sufficient, in both cases pooling together for main meals. The routes are in mountainous terrain, but will usually include a selection of shorter and longer routes to accommodate different abilities and to encourage the fairer sex to come along. A mixed group is always to be encouraged. We hike naked as much as possible, being practical taking priority. Most of the time we intend on being naked, along the mountain paths and across the summits too, weather permitting. Clothes are usually worn when walking through villages and/or visiting hostelries and gasthofs. The main and simple guideline, which seems to work well for most situations, is:

  • Tarmac = clothes

2. Media: these are NOT private/secret nudist club walks.  Please don’t be motivated to come along by the photos you’ve seen from these tours and then complain that you don’t want your photo taken! Anyone coming on a NEWT implicitly accepts the idea that we will be taking photos of these adventures, and we will then publish them to encourage others, like you, to do likewise.  Of course if you are by nature photo-phobic and still want to come along then the best I can politely suggest is that you hide behind a tree whenever a camera appears.  Naturally we always take into consideration such points as “this is my good side”, “please don’t do a close-up of the pimple on my nose”, “no photos when I’m bending over, please”, and similar reasonable requests.

  • Photos WILL be taken and photos WILL be published

3. Responsibility: these are informal hikes organized by like-minded people with a common interest (naked hiking), no official status or guiding is implied or undertaken. Even so, it is expected, for safety and mutual co-operation, that people follow the guidance of the organizer, and walk sensibly between the lead hiker and the volunteer tail-end-charlie. Finally, please note that this is not a protest march, this is merely a walk through a fantastic chunk of our environment with less encumberage than most people consider necessary.

  • Follow the leader

To read how to register your interest to join a future hike, please check out the relevant NEWT page/s for that year.

Maybe see you there? 🙂

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