Nudist, naturist, swinger, pervert, gay, wtf?

There's a lot of energy goes into clearing out some of the "real nudist" groups on the internet, whether it's Facebook or some other site. People can be unceremoniously deleted because they incautiously "Like"d something a moderator doesn't like. Like a swinger site, for instance.

It's irrelevant (imho) if someone in a particular group or forum or site, is a swinger, or a pervert (whatever one of those is), or gay (I think we all know what that is). The only question (for me) is whether they bring their sexuality into the nudist/naktiv environment or not. Whether they bring their private activities (whatever they might be) into the public social context.

I know swingers here in Munich who come on naked hikes, and some people object to them coming on hikes with us, but actually it's just like asking if they are gay and no-one objects to a gay person taking part. In both cases, it's a sexual preference, and what has that got to do with going for a naked hike? Or taking part in a forum/group?

Nothing, that's what.

We're back to trying to figure what people are thinking about inside their heads, what they *might* be feeling, instead of just getting on with interacting with one another, politely and non-prejudiciously. Let's keep our suspicious minds where they belong, inside our heads, and attempt to promote open discussion with people about different topics without being so damned judgemental all the time. Maybe we'll learn something.

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  1. just a minor thought. Being gay is not a sexual preference. Preference is the selecting of something over another or others; the right to choose. Just like being straight, being gay is an orientation. It is not a choice or a selection, but rather a fact.

  2. We are all different. What we have in common is our identity as naturists/nudists. We are (still) a minority in the society. As a minority we know how important tolerance is. Minorities need acceptance and tolerance from the majority in the society. Let us be tolerant towards each other within our own minority 🙂

    • Naturists/nudists are very often, in my experience, some of the most intolerant people I know. There are a great many tolerant naturist/nudists, BUT there is a huge underbelly of affluent middle-class caucasian exclusive fat cats who want to keep the situation, (whatever exactly that means in their own locality), the same as it's always been.

      Change will come when we are truly tolerant, of our differences, instead of just playing lip-service to the concept.

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