Two dozen armed police accost naked woman in San Francisco

In San Francisco, the sight of a naked woman is enough to bring out two dozen frenzied and armed police-men and -women to deal with the affront to public sensibilities. Hundreds of happy onlookers cheer the naked lady to express their support for her right to be naked.

Gypsy Taub received 2 citations, even though "The City Attorney had previously acknowledged in court documents that the steps of City Hall was virtually one of the only places left in San Francisco where people could be nude with a permit and protest."

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  1. I'm with you on the strap-on front, Yvonne. I don't think it helps the public nudity cause, as it associates sex (strap-on dildo) with simple nudity (naked body). The overlaps are there already in people's minds, and there is no need to exagerate the issue. It might be fun, but it plays into the hands of the puritan idiots who run all local councils.

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