Driving naked into a police speed-trap

We’d set off for a local hike, both the dogs in the van, me driving naked as usual, and Sandra as passenger, trundling along through a local town, just outside Munich, chatting and although watching the road, probably going a little quicker than we should have been. All of a sudden, out steps a policeman into the middle of the road and flags me to pull over. As I slow down and turn the corner we manouvre into the space behind the parked police car, with the speed camera and the anti-crime team.

I switch the engine off as the policeman approaches the car and he asks for my drivers license, vehicle papers, etc. I have to stand up and retrieve my documents from the rucksack in the back of the van, thus making it crystal clear to everbody that the driver is naked. I didn’t see this, as I was concentrating on the documents, but Sandra later told me that one of the police officers had nudged his colleague and nodded with his head in our direction. She looked in our direction, slightly surprised to see my naked butt disappear into the back of the van, and then looked at Sandra. Sandra just smiled back pleasantly.

As I returned to my drivers’ seat I offered the friendly policeman and his female colleague, who’d joined him to see for herself, my documents, which he took before asking me if I’d like to pay the speeding fine now, or should they start “the paperwork”. I thought discretion was the best part of valour here, and promptly offered to helpfully pay the fine on the spot. I’ll admit it was a little strange to being questioned (albeit on a different subject), by the two armed police officers at my open van window, while sitting there naked in front of them, but that’s how it was. Anyhow, having the correct notes to hand, I paid up, and they promptly gave me a receipt and a friendly wave, and I drove away as efficiently as possible, not really wanting to hang around to give them too much time to reconsider their procedures.

Overall the police were very friendly, and the only real problem was having to pay the darned speeding fine in the first place. But there you go. Sandra and I had a good giggle about the situation afterwards, and the police team probably had a funny story to tell their colleagues back at the station. The extra bonus of course, is that it’s yet one more public encounter with nakedness that went positively 🙂

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  1. Wow, I don’t think UK cops would be so tolerant, their understanding of the law is much sketchier when it comes to nudity.
    The morale here is stick to the speed limit I guess! (Especially when driving nude)

  2. Great story, Richard. I almost wonder if one would potentially get the same result in Canada. There is a difference between driving nude and being "publicly" nude. Nudity in itself isn't illegal in Canada. It all comes down to "conditions" and "intentions" and "perception" of the police involved.

    • Unfortunatey, In many countries the "intentions", "conditions", and "perceptions" is often not explicitly outlined and therefore left for law enforcers to interpret the meaning. More often then not, their meaning of simple nudity and naturism are misguided.

  3. Wow. Just wow. I can not believe that the police officers were more concerned about the speeding than the nudity. Just wow. Things really are different abroad. In the U.S. this would have led to arrest for indecent exposure, even though you weren't doing anything indecent. The nudity alone would be trouble here. I am happy things went ok. I drive nude at night for long distance trips and always ensure I am at the speed limit.

  4. Luckily is it in Germany allowed to drive naked. I know of one truck driver who is always naked. The only time they could catch him would be wenn he's loading or unloading, but his nakedness is tolerated everywhere he gies.

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