British Naturism, 2nd Annual National Convention 2013

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"The 2nd NatConv builds on the work done at last year’s successful event. The weekend will consist of workshops and presentations aimed at developing BN and Naturism. The venue is a dedicated training centre with facilities to support multiple presentations and workshops at the same time. There will be a programme that will cover all aspects of naturism. This year, sessions are planned which will be specifically aimed at clubs."

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Important * "There is a specific deadline – we must book 100 rooms by June 28 2013. There are 340 rooms in total. As we expect that the main reason people didn’t book for the 2012 event was financial, we’ve agreed with Yarnfield Park that credit/debit card details, along with British Naturism membership numbers, will be taken at the time of booking to secure places at the event. Payment will then be taken at the start of the event. Should we not reach that number of bookings by June 28, the event will be cancelled and no charges to cards will be made.

PLEASE… don’t make the assumption before booking that it might not happen and wait to see if it does. We have seen before that if too many people wait, it won’t go ahead. There is no risk in booking now"

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