Fun Cycling in London – Freedom Cycle Bike Ride


6:00 pm


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A cycle ride in London to promote cycling and the ethics of cycling
and the WNBR rides to come.

This is a Clothed cycle ride around London. We will follow a similar
route to the previous London W.N.B.R. route and we will be having a
few longer stop off’s at the bridges. We may end the ride at a local
bar.. for some evening food.

On the day
We will engage all other cyclists that are about.. advising them of
the ride and to promote the W.N.B.R. and what will be happening in the
future as well as discussing the rights and dangers of cyclists.

You can use banners, leaflets and body paint on this ride to help with
the cause… But – This is not a Naked bike ride. We aim to involve
all cyclists without nudity on this ride, as this ride is to promote
all good things about cycling and engage more people to cycle.

We will meet in Hyde Park from around 12.00pm just inside the entrance
and on the right hand side by the statue….and we will cycle around
the park and chat to other cyclists about our bikes and cycling and
many issues regarding cycling. We will leave Hyde Park around 1.30 –
2.00pm. The ride will be slow paced and leisurely.

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