Naked European Walking Tour (NEWT) 2014

Naked European Walking Tour (NEWT) 2014


13/07/2013 - 20/07/2013    
8:51 am - 11:51 am


The plan for the next Naked European Walking Tour is to meet for a week of naked hiking somewhere in the European Alps. The precise route, type of base, (whether mobile or static, tent or hut), is currently undecided, although probably somewhere in the Austrian alps, south of Munich/Salzburg. For information about previous trips, please see the Newt 2005 – 2013 links above. We're always keen to encourage more women to come along, so rest assured, if you do want to join, we'll keep the distances down to accommodate you. Here are the next available dates:

Third week in July: Sunday 13th July -> Saturday 20th July 2013

Note that although open registration for 2014 is officially closed, couples may still be able to join by following the instructions carefully and contacting the organizer directly. To register your interest, (and to join the mailing list), simply send an email to me at: newt.2014

Anyone can always join the generic NEWT mailing list newt

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