Nude sail charter in the greek islands

Nude sail charter in the greek islands


11/06/2016 - 25/06/2016    
7:00 pm - 2:00 pm


My wife and I have located a nudist charter captain and reserved his personal sailboat for 2 weeks on June 11 for a 2 week nude charter to the Cycladies islands as far as the famous Santorini.
We are looking for up to 2-4 persons to share a 7 or 14 day (June 11-18 or 19-25 2016) nudist cruise.
We have 1 gentleman signed up for the first week.
The sailboat is a French yacht ‘ATLANTIS 43’ 13,20m/3+1 cabins/3WC/4showers.
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We hope to find 1 or 2 other couples who enjoy nude sailing to share the charter. The daily rate for the entire boat is: 420 euros per day plus food and incidentals.
Contact Capt. Vardis Georgakakis direct, he will contact us. He has an ad up on the Naturist sailing page of the sun-sailing website.
Please check the following websites for further information:

We intend to provision the boat with the cooperation of the captain and cook meals/share duties as needed.
A little sailing experience would be beneficial. English language needed. No smoking on board.
This will be a relaxed cruse visiting any islands we wish as we go, stopping is sheltered coves, nude beaches, secret favorite places the Captain knows, etc., plenty of shade and normally no clothes!

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