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City Hall
City Hall, San Francisco
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PROTEST AGAINST NUDITY BAN – Thursday, June 20^th @ 12 noon – in front of City

Please come join us in our ongoing struggle against the nudity ban. Let’s make
it clear to the power brokers: we are not going to surrender our constitutional
rights no matter how many times the City chooses to violate them.

Body freedom is our birth right and no one but ourselves has any authority over
our bodies. The City government is overstepping its boundaries and imposing
tyranny on us.

I have an arraignment on June 19 for the last 3 citations that I got. I am
facing 3 years in jail for exercising my 1^st Amendment rights. Those citations
were given to me at the last nudity ban protest on March 22^nd.

This is what San Francisco has become. What a shame! If you don’t want your
rights to be taken away from you one by one, if you are outraged about the City
shredding your constitutional rights, please come join us on June 20^th.

The nudity ban made exceptions for city permitted parades. They said we would
be allowed to be nude at city permitted parades. I applied for a permit and was
denied. I was told by the event coordinator Sgt Mark Moreno that his superiors
told him that our event would not be safe for the cars. I aksed Mark Moreno to
email me a written statement explaining why we were denied permit. He said he
would but so far he hasn’t.

This is what so called “democratic” Supervisor Scott Wiener and the other 5
“democrats” on the Board who voted with Scott Wiener have pushed down our
throats. This is what they call “democracy”.

Please help us overturn the nudity ban and restore our constitutional rights as
well as our body freedom rights!

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