Retreat into Literature

Retreat into Literature


25/05/2015 - 30/05/2015    
12:00 pm


Are you looking for a quiet place to focus on your writing? Or the time to read some books, uninterrupted in a comfortable, beautiful setting? Or the space & inspiration to compose some poetry? Come & join us at Camp Full Monte for a clothing optional retreat centered around reading & writing.

The itinerary for the week is very loose, to allow time for you to just 'be' and also to explore the stunning surroundings (Lord Byron, one of Britain's greatest poets was inspired by Montenegro's beauty, so who knows what can happen!).

Some of the activities we have planned include: Creative writing workshops, a short story competition and creating together Camp Full Monte's first book of poetry. If you'd like to lead a workshop session during this week please contact us.

Rather than repeat everything here you can find full details on the Camp Full Monte website at

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