The day of Nude on Facebook

The day of Nude on Facebook


12:00 am


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There is a little tired of these ridiculous censorship that violate
the basic rules of our freedom of expression in the name of Puritanism
or moral rules come from another age.
Of course we know the rules of FB that we can leave if we disagree …
but it’s a bit simplistic to say that all the pressure from users
rules have been changed.

Nu is a major art known since prehistory (Venus of Willendorf)

To support this art form and prevent it from going to the door of all
the FB publish same day a nude photo.

Whether you are the author or not, it is important to promote the
pristine beauty of the body.

The publication date is May 20, just close the European Festival of
Nude photo of which is held every year in Arles (from 8 to 20 May this

See also the Facebook page for this event here:

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