World Naked Bike Ride – Boston


8:34 pm


Boston Common Band Stand
Boston Common Band Stand, Boston
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WNBR Boston

Hey All! The ride will be on Saturday June 29th meeting at 9pm at the Boston Common Band Stand. We will be leaving right at 10pm. The ride will cover much, but not all, of our great city from Boston to Somerville to Cambridge. Please come clothed and leave clothed. Body paint, glitter, pasties, tighty whities, and full nudity welcome. Last year we have about 45 participants and were actually assisted by the Cambridge police force, so I think after 3 years the city has finally come around to ride (regardless of what anti-fun and angry Boston Globe columnists think). Let's make the 4th annual WNBR Boston the best yet! Clothing is optional, nudity is not required. Also, though this ride does pull in a lot of support from the Nudist community, keep in mind the goal of this ride is to focus on bike awareness. Our nudity will demonstrate our vulnerability out on the city streets and the freedom that riding a bike can give you. We will ride obeying all traffic laws while having fun and feeling free at the same time! Please spread the word!

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