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    Tom Mura - "the south of France sounds like a nice place to be."View
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    CarloMario Nudi - "@bertvg Hello, Buckaroo. I haven’t been very active on Naktiv lately, but with the fourth month of lockdown I’m starting to check it out again. I ran across your profile and having visited Mainz, Germany for two […]"View
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    Mark Boyd - "I kneel the same way all the time. I find it comfortable, but friends/family will sometimes wince when they see me doing it."View
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    Kilgore Trout - "Occasionally I am unable to login though I am using my correct credentials. I have to go thru the restore password procedure. Anyone else having this issue?"View
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    Geeezeer - "Now planning a trip to the Grand Canyon for Spring or Summer or Fall of 2020. Would like to get in some naturist hiking in the area. Will probably fly to LV, rent a car there, and then go exploring. Textile […]"View
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    Max - "@nudistman5 I saw your profile in the No Pubes group and thought I recognized you from Twitter. Seems like I used to see you post there and always appreciated your tweets. Thought I would try to connect here. Max"View
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    Eddie - "I’m back! Twitter wasn’t for me. I do like this network better. I’m staying here from now on. Thanks to everyone who commented on my “Good bye” post and wanted me to come back."View
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    Dave - "@briantaylor Gorgeous photos Brian. Due to a lifetime of chronic lung abuse, I couldn’t make the treks to those spectacular views. Thanks for sharing!"View
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    Dan Speers - "So we think it is about time we moved and would like to find a nudist community that had nice homes or room for us to build a new home. The places we have looked at on the East coast of the US so far haven’t been […]"View
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    Michael Pettit - "*blowing the cob webs off this old account. it’s been more than 4 years since i’ve been here, how does this damn thing work? 😉"View
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    Bill - "Anyone here live in central florida or live in southeast Ohio near Marietta."View
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