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    John - "I received an honorable mention in a Great Divide Trail (GDT) through hikers blog from last summer. My hiking buddy only spotted the item recently. “I met my first extreme-ultra lighter, a young man day hiking in […]"View
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    Apcifej - "Szia, magyar vagy? 🙂"View
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    Nudentia (Xander) - "With the heat in The Netherlands reaching all time high, me and my mother will be spending the following weeks in the nude. Hoping we can pursuade my brother to join as well!"View
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    Yves - "Agreed !"View
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    Steve & Denise - "Had to share this as it brought a wry smile to my face. I was going through our friend requests and one was from someone claiming to be in Spain that had classically handsome profile pic a guy in a blue polo […]"View
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    Erc - "Sublime point of view!"View
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    Cees Hanstede - "Ik ben nieuw op de site"View
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