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About Miracle. Mini-bio.Age: 41 Education: Negligible (B.S. Physics & Computer Science) Location: Grew up in Venezuela. College: Venezuela, Canada (Montreal). After I interrupted college I lived in Switzerland and then Germany, and then in Switzerland again, and then I had been wandering-while-working for those 2 going 3 years, then finished my courses for the last ~3 years, most of that in Canada, most of that on the Island of Montreal.Occupation when not engaged as an activist: Hobo. Also sometimes nerd work on or around computers. Sometimes writing things. You can probably hire me to write something or do computer nerd work for you, probably cheap, but respect goes a longer way than one-time attention. I encourage new members to read that part of this website called “readme”, I really care more about seeing a human face and I don’t care what anyone looks like naked or not.

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