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    MrTexas verified badge - "A personal recollection of violence vs. nudity: growing up, as shown children, we would play cowboys and Indians and shoot each other! We had our cap pistols and our Hopalong Cassidy and Roy Rogers guns and […]"View
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    sjoerd ericson verified badge - "klopt, rob. Gebaande en ongebaande paden. Ookwel onofficiele naaktplekken, wel lekker om dan naakt te zijn, vrij! Hou jij daar ook van?"View
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    Riccardo Vecchio - "Looking at this photo, I would have been there."View
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    Jim - "Sun shining through the window nice and warm so striped off and enjoying some nude time."View
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    Billx - "I keep finding people who are on Nudist sites and they say ” I will never be a nudist ” I say why are they even here"View
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    Philip - "Hi can I Regester my interest in NEWT for 2020 ?"View
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    Darren - "Fantastic photo"View
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    Albert Trimbos verified badge - "It’s updating time! i have been away too long. Resettled in Lelystad where there are some nice nude walking possibilities nearby. I spend most of my time naked indoors. It is a bit chilly right now for outdoor […]"View
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    Nick & Jane Amer verified badge - "The only way to greet the sun on a sacred day"View
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    Steve From - "BORED AT WORK need some one to chat with"View
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    Andrew Forest verified badge - "Welcome as new member @district7nudie !"View
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    Sandy Kennedy - "Re Spencer Tunick. It’s amazingly wonderful how he gets thousands of people to be photographed naked when probably 90% of them wouldn’t dare undress on a nude beach. (He got 5,000 presumed-Catholics to undress in […]"View
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