Ely's gallery/A great escapade to Emen Canyon
    • Nice video… Very well done!

      • Hi Dennis,
        Thank you so much for your appreciation and I wish you nice weather for moto riding.

    • Loved it, very well made with excellent backing music. Loved it!

      • Hi Patrick,
        Thank you. You are very kind. We hope to find soon some proper music also for the rest of the pictures from our naked adventures.

    • Looks a great place to while away a few hours enjoying a skinny dip. Could have done with out the quick zooming in! sent my eyes funny!

      • Hi Peter,
        Thank you very much. You are perfectly right, the scenery is breathtaking. Unfortunately, even modern technology can not surprise and render the greatness of that place.

    • Amazing place for hiking, nice video, cheers ))

      • Hi Al,
        Thank you very much. You are right, it is a gorgeous place and very suitable for a short hike, but we are still looking and hope to find a place for a longer hike for the end of this summer.

    • I love the video with nice vibe and enthusiasm. I love the location as well. Perfect and beautiful natural rocks.

      • Hi James, thank you for appreciation! We were very excited when we discovered this gorgeous canyon located not very far from Veliko Tarnovo, the medieval capital of Bulgaria.

    • Awesome video.

      • Thank you Steven! We promised to return with the video from our last hike in Fagaras area, but we didn’t have time to finish it. This “project” is still ongoing.

    • Beatiful images and well done on the video. Excellent job.

      • Hi Walt! Thank you very much for your appreciation!
        We are inspired by the nature and its wonders.

    • Wonderful, Ely. I’m sure you’ll find greater areas to explore. Very much looking forward to seeing more of your productions.

      • Hi Richard, thank you for your appreciation and encouragement!
        We hope to find as many fabulous places as possible and have the chance to share these wonders with other naked hikers.

    • Beautiful! Amazing country side. Paradise for nude hiking.

  • Looks like a really beautiful and a great place to be naked in. 😀🌞

    • Hi Eric! From nearby the waterfall is really spectacular.
      However the water from the lake is a little bit cold, but I think this is not an issue for people which are more resistant to cold.

  • Awesome video and photos

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