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  • A Healthy and Happy Nude 2024 to all you nudists/naturalists may 2024 be an even better Nude year

  • Happy Nude Year

  • The attached article was in a Belgian HLN newspaper on Monday. A good article about young families turning to nudist holidays as instead of the “older couples.

  • A female friend posted this on FB. Apart from the humour it fuels the misconception about naturism/nudism is that it about looks not our enjoyment of life without the constriction of clothing. I will find a sensitive way to convince her otherwise.

    • Maybe the fact that she’s posted that media on FB means that she’s actually considering being a nudist, broaching the subject. Maybe she’s curious what her friends might say and is testing the water?

    • I think it is an indication of the underlying shame that many people feel about their naked bodies.

    • I think MrTexas and Eric V both have covered the views of most people in the USA and the there are some that see it as a sexual thing. With the current social media like FB the nudist movement is being hurt, but with the ads being published elsewhere some people are starting to gain tolerance toward nudity.

  • Most likely the last day to be nude outside and me posting in the nude (so good to be nude)

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