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Site overhaul/upgrade.

Posted on November 16, 2017

The Naktiv site will be undergoing a major overhaul/upgrade at the start of December 2017.

Alongside a complex data backup and migration phase, we hope to be bringing several new and useful features to our social media networking site, (where being Naked Online is OK). Please don't expect a magic box on the first day, there will be a reduced functionality for the first short period. Once the data migration is complete, and the basic infrastructure back in place, new facilities will be added steadily. The basic process looks like this:

1. Data and software migration (mid-December)
2. Basic functionality in place – you will need to reset/request new password on first login!
3. Check media permissions and usability <- stable/bugfix period
4. Ongoing enhancements 2018+

Please note that while the transition is planned to go smoothly, anything might happen on the day, so your understanding and patience is appreciated. There will no doubt be some dissatisfied souls, as change can be difficult. However, we expect the improvements to be well worth the effort and the disturbance, and once we're over the challenge of the initial hurdle, bugfixes and oops-corrections and the like, we hope to be able to bring additional and much needed functionality steadily to the site.

Looking forward to it!

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20 thoughts on “Site overhaul/upgrade.”

  1. Hello Richard I have only just been able sign in as the web site has been down .
    I find that it is not so user friendly or perhaps I am not using it properly I hope that it does not lose members and I am sure it will require a few tweaks to finish the revamp.
    All the best.

  2. I note the addition of Twitter, google and Facebook buttons accompanying this post by Naktiv Administration. I sincerely hope that the privacy of this community will be maintained! Posts I make here are meant to stay within this community only and not to be shared publicly with others.

  3. Thank you for what you are doing! I don’t know what the costs are for doing this nor what financial resources are available for doing so nor where those funds might be coming from, but I do believe donations are in order particularly from those of us who are very active here to help with this process! I will be donating! Hope each of you that reads this will do so as well!


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