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Tom Balint







About me

I like to get out naked on a daily basis while the weather is nice. I usually head to the Welland canal in Welland. The section around the Main Street tunnel is my usual area. I like riding my bike naked from Thorold to Welland at night. A night time naked walk or jog along Welland`s recreational pathway is great too.I`ve liked getting naked even when I was young. Swimming naked at night in the backyard pool was probably first taste at nudism.I like humour and I like being humorous. I enjoy engaging in discussions about the three taboos — Politics, Religion, and Sex. I guess that`s mainly due to the fact that I don`t think they should be taboos. Two more need to be added to that list — Violence and Hate.I believe there`s good in everyone although the older I get the harder time I have with this ideal and all the violence and hate in the World doesn`t make it any easier.Thanks to my partner I enjoy travelling. I also like wilderness camping/canoeing although I do a lot less of it now. I enjoy cycling, walking, swimming and running.I enjoy volunteering. It makes me feel good as a person. Although, I never seem to get enough of my own stuff done when I`m doing it.My Skype name is tom_balint.

Who I'd like to meet

I would like to meet guys that enjoy biking, swimming, hiking or walking, running or jogging. Also, hanging out naked watching a movie or having a drink and talking would be good too. Not interested in meeting up for sex.

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