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    Tom Westcott - "Dear community, I will be in Farnborough near London next week. Does someone know some nice places for naked activities or even to meet other nudists?"View
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    Kristian - "@snafu Hello Stu. Glad that you stumbled upon this site. Welcome and wish you all the best! Cheers, Kristian"View
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    Mark - "OK, Had enough of Summer now. Roll on Autumn…"View
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    Chris Hall - "Great photo"View
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    Peter B - "Any one else subscribe to Naturist Life Magazine, from Shabden Leisure. I find it a great read, very different from H&E. This is the link http://naturist-life-magazine.co.uk/ Might be worth a look!"View
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    Elvin Ryan Sen - "You guys look so nice and beautiful in nude."View
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    Dave - "@briantaylor Gorgeous photos Brian. Due to a lifetime of chronic lung abuse, I couldn’t make the treks to those spectacular views. Thanks for sharing!"View
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