Naked when the postman arrives with a parcel

I was sitting naked at my garden table naked, taking a little sun as you do.

Along came the postie to deliver a parcel for upstairs. So I signed for it, and took the parcel. We exchanged a few pleasantries about the mad dog barking at all postmen, and we cheerily each went about the rest of our day. A pleasant and friendly experience for a summer's day.

When you think about it, there's nothing to write about on the one hand. On the other, it's a very positive statement for body awareness, tolerance and for the naked body in mainstream society, I think.

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  1. Have always wondered how I would react if the electric meter reader should happen to pick the day to read our meter on the same day while I was outside sunning myself nude. It hasn't happened up to now, but I hope if and when it does, I can remain calm and cool as others have who have commented on this blog.

    • I was rehabbing the garden in the back yard wearing my shoes and sunglasses when I heard a slight noise on the side of the house. I'd just turned to investigate when the meter reader came around the corner. We were both surprised, exchange comments about meter reading and gardening. He departed. The story brought a laugh at later retelling.

  2. Every week on Wednesday morning we receive groceries delivered by Tesco, I stay naked. Every Thursday we have Wiltshire Farm Foods delivered pre-packaged meals for the freezer, I stay naked. Both events are quite ordinary in our household and no-one even makes reference to the fact that I am naked, nor is there any comment when my wife appears naked also. On only one occasion did the meals man say anything and that was "There's a lovely meal in there of 'pinwheel sausage' with veg & mash, but that sausage isn't at room temperature yet, is yours?" What a comedian! What a pleasure to know that our nakedness is virtually unnoticed by these people. Has any one else had similar experiences ?

  3. Not the sort of thing I've done often, except for friends who themselves were often naked in the company of others. I wish I'd had the nerve to do to answer the door naked with greater frequency … Once when living in Montreal, the doorbell rang while I was naked and I with little more than a blink answered it: turned out to be "les pompiers" (the firefighters) soliciting. Without pockets it was difficult to make a donation … But I wish I'd done that more: I mean, answer the door naked and make a donation, both.

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